Occupational Needs
EPAC acts as independent and trusted partner to real estate occupiers. Our clients can rely on EPAC to be their professional partner for their commercial, operational and/or strategic real estate requirements which may involve rent and purchase of real estate, renegotiation of the lease, consolidation and/or surrender of space, analysis of rental terms, determining occupational strategy.

Strategy and consultancy
EPAC advises investors in real estate, in the role of consultant, brain-storming partner or interim manager. Clients ensure that the quality performance and risks of their properties or portfolios are identified thanks to the market expertise and methods of EPAC. For this purpose, EPAC has developed precise and reliable (management and forecasting) tools. Furthermore, EPAC –as independent partner– is regularly asked to give a second opinion in cases of valuation, real estate decision making etc.

Transaction management
EPAC has vast experience in initiating and completion of sale and purchase transactions for both single properties and portfolios. Since the start of our business in 2004, we have achieved more than €2.5bn in sale or purchase transactions.

Asset Management
EPAC also operates real estate on behalf of third parties, and therefore adopts the role of owner. EPAC’s vision as Asset Manager is then to create and maintain performance from the assets. In order to optimize the portfolio, EPAC works proactively; ahead of, alongside, and in answer to, the property and its occupiers. Essential use is made of the management en forecasting tools which EPAC has developed.