It is not easy to obtain a full picture of the property market, nor simple to keep track of each dynamic factor. These factors can stem from incomplete or fragmented data, effect of government policies, scope of comparability of different properties and market imperfections.

The team at EPAC is in the right position to explain the factors affecting a real estate situation, and supply the necessary supporting information. We are able to act as representatives of our clients, thus ensuring all relevant information is used and the strongest negotiating position is maintained.

EPAC maintains a pragmatic approach. Our core concern is the solving of problems, thus going beyond merely identification of the problem.

EPAC believes that it is in our clients’ best interests to operate outside the “limelight” in order to hold a position as trusted partner.

This website gives an overview our services to provide an indication of our capabilities. However, each new project is evaluated and our services matched accordingly in order to provide our clients with an efficient and bespoke service.

EPAC was initiated in 2004 by Thom Dijksman, Joris van Waesberghe and Boer & Croon Strategy and Management Group.